Antilopa – Antilopa. The trend is you.

This is the second social media marketing campaign which we produced for the brand Antilopa. After the huge success last year, we were given the responsibility to launch their new collection. In the beginning, we created a hype around the launch without revealing the full product, colors or design of the sneakers. When the moment came, we launched the product with a colorful and fun visuals from the photoshoot we did with three of the most iconic, popular and influential woman of Bulgaria – Tita, who actually owns the brand and is the official face of it, and adding to that Aleksandra Petkanova and Diliyana Popova. These girls became our ambassadors.

The communication strategy evolved around the fact that this brand is for the girls who want to set the new trend, who want to be the first ones to look stylish and do not care at all about what other people think about them. We wanted to portray the brand as being sexy, fun and modern. We managed to initiate a lot of user-generated content from our followers who took part in our social media game to win an unforgettable experience – a professional photoshoot with the new collection. People posted pictures with their Antilopa sneakers and used the hashtag #AntilopaWear #TheTrendIsYou which became popular and helped us generate more visibility without costing.

Client: Tita

Project: The trend is you