Milkiss – The bakeries of Milkiss grannies

In the first year of our collaboration with Milkiss, we put the brand on the map of the big communication players. We built the fundamentals of communication, set the directions, became much more recognizable and loved. But that was just the beginning. The next important step we took was to upgrade them and rely on innovative advertising forms. Of course, we did not turn our backs on more traditional channels, such as television, radio, outdoor and social media posts. What did we do differently? We created animated versions of the Milkiss grandmothers from our feature TV commercial, developed them as characters with funny and likeable personalities, with different stories and relationships. We trusted the fact that the topic of grandmothers is an extremely suitable field for storytelling – on the one hand, almost everyone has had or has fond memories of their grandparents. They carry the spirit of childhood, indulgence, the sweetness of not growing up. On the other hand, the elderly people are a symbol of care, love, nice gestures and kindness. All things that, apart from being meaningful, are also a communication that could work for our consumers. This is why we presented grandmother Dobrina, grandmother Huba, grandmother Nezabravka and grandmother Gina on social networks, as well as created a landing page in which each grandmother has her own bakery, history and personality. Every user can go online and buy a branded Milkiss box, which not only has the favorite Milkiss cakes in it, but also offers super cool and special Milkiss games. The campaign was promoted by influencers and sponsored by digital advertising, and showed exceptionally successful results. And here’s what Grandma Milkiss’s world looks like – https://milkissland.ovisari.com/

However, this is not all – follow Milkiss and you will see what else we have prepared. It will be interesting, we promise.

Client: Ovi & Sari

Project: Milkissland – https://milkissland.ovisari.com/