New bloom winery

When we’ve had to throw a gala event for the change in the corporative identity of “New Bloom Winery”, we did something Bulgaria had never seen. We gathered 300 guests and we presented them with a multi sense dinner at the degustation of every kind of wine was complimented with a challenge for all the 5 senses. We know the most exciting experiences come when all the 5 senses are engaged. That’s why with every wine and a plate, the atmosphere was also being changed by the help of 270 projections on screens and aromas.

Chef Andre Tokev blasted the taste buds of our guests and one of the youngest Bulgarian sommeliers – Slavi Raichev did a divine presentation of the selected wines. The hosts were Maria Silvester and Hilton’s hotel. Yeah, we love so much working with clients who have vision, scope and a good taste.

Client:  New bloom winery


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