At first our task for working with Olympus seemed really complexed, because the dairy’s market is a very competitive one and it’s not so easy to stand out. We’ve managed to achieve the hardest thing – to multiply the sales by an awareness campaign. Of course, we’ve had a serious advantage – the quality of the products. But while the other brands were relying exclusively on that one advantage, we did a communicative strategy aiming to cradle the taste culture of our clients. Olympus became the gourmet milk and it kept its stand long after the rotations of the 5 TV ads were no longer happening. That’s how we knew we’ve managed to successfully build a true identity of the brand.

Billboard Ad Campaign

We also developed the campaign furthermore with outdoor, relying on our key visions that actually made you feel very hungry. When you sell food, hunger is actually a very good thing.
We’ve also branded 2 buses – lines 314 and 604 and thus all the people of Sofia got to know Olympus’s dairy products.
And because we’re good in throwing events, Olympus’s 10-years birthday party was a one to remember. The party itself was in Sliven’s factory and we brought journalists, partners and a lot of famous people to attend. All the curious guests could sneak a peak in the factory itself so they could really understand every step on the way of the manufactory.

Client: Olympus


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