Overgas information campaign

Overgaz have a mission to provide the Bulgarians’ households with a full access to the cheapest and ecologically clean energy – the natural gas. We have the mission following the most adequate and intriguing ways to make it easy for the general public to understand our client’s missions.

That’s why we did an informative digital campaign about the advantages of the natural gas in which we’ve followed all the steps in the process of switching to using natural gas at home.

For the 4 videos of the series we’ve used Dragomir Simeonov as a host and a narrator, because he’s a well-known figure, famous for the wide public approval he has managed to gain and sustain and more importantly – he’s a well thrusted man. By the help of a real family, already using the natural gas in their home, we’ve managed to shoot series in every family could recognize themselves. And to look for the Overgaz’s consultants who can calmly lead them on the way of preserving the nature and the family budget.

Client: Overgas


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