The greatest invention of humanity is, of course, grandmothers. Grandmothers cook everything deliciously, because grandmothers know magical recipes. Grandmothers mean love and affection. That’s why we’ve invited 5 awesome grandmothers to reveal their secrets and to create the most delicious dessert anyone has ever tried in these lands. Milkiss turned out really more than OK, so we’ve shot our grandmothers in a video and showed them on TV, so their grandchildren could be proud of them.

We’ve also developed the grandmothers’ theme, their advices and how they mean “care” in our radio ad. We’ve made it authentic, so anyone who has ever talked to a granny could relate. So everybody related. And they felt the sweetness pouring, which is our main goal with Ovi&Sari.

Because Ovi&Sari is a brand that makes delicious desserts and is really sweet to work with. Starting from the digital, through outdoor campaigns and to television and radio, we’re creating a overall brand identity which is helping for the significant growth of the brand and for expanding its production . After all, our job is well done when our client is content.

Client: Ovi&Sari

Project: Annual advertising service

Our work: Creating the brand’s annual advertising strategy as well as a new identity. Creating digital, outdoor, television and radio adverts, as well as media planning