Runners – Runners. Face Yourself.

For the brand “Runners”, we have created a comprehensive annual strategy with the main goal of establishing a value to the brand in which people can recognize, be inspired and outdo themselves. Thus, “Runners” has changed from a brand that offers “everything and at a decent price” to a part of a company that is interested in bigger topics, causes and issues. Runners’ image began to be associated with positive associations, which led to two results: an increase in sales and pride in wearing these products.

“Runners support you when no one believes in you” – through this insight we positioned the brand as one that believes in people’s talents, in their success, in the fact that not giving up makes sense.

We produced a digital video commercial, in which we included several popular faces in the online space – Teodora Todorova, Sami Hossny, Ballan and Nadia. With this video we portrayed them as their followers know them – motivated, purposeful, ignorant of defeats, ready to do anything to be on the top. Through them and these qualities we revealed the values of the brand – Runners support those who do not give up in pursuit of their goals. We have created a kind of hype about this, but the most important are the people who have believed in themselves. At affordable prices.

Client: Runners

Project: Face Yourself