UNICEF Bulgaria

We did it! And we did it awesome. As we’re proud of all our projects, the ones we do for „UNICEF Bulgaria“ are sincerely special to us. What is creativity if it doesn’t change the world around us and if it doesn’t help the most vulnerable and in need of help? From overall conception, through organization, shooting and live-streaming, the fundraising spectacle dedicated to 75 years Unicef “Големите малки. УНИЦЕФ за всяко дете” turned into an achievement, continuing our tradition of creating and realizing actually meaningful advertising.

So now it’s time for our thanks: first – we’d like to thank „Unicef“ for their trust and support along the long way we’ve walked side by side – for this project, but also for all the other campaigns – bigger or smaller ones we’ve realized since 2020.

Thanks to our shining stars for their big hearts and truthful dedication – Maria Ignatova, Aleks Raeva, Sonya Yoncheva, Maria Bakalova, Andrea Bandabanda, Niki Iliev, Fiki Storaro, Stefan Vuldobrev, Tervel Pulev, Aleksandar Sano, Mira Ivanova, The Golden Girls – Simona Diankova, Stefani Kiriakova, Madlen Radukanova, Laura Traats and Erika Zafirova – guys, you are all great people. Keep it up.

Of course, none of this would be possible without the most important figures of the night and in general: the very talented mentor kids, but also the vocal and very charming singers, dancers and performers from “Bon-bon”, „The Centre”, Rio Baby Town”, „Цирк Балкански“, „Актьорска школа – Албена Михова“ and „Чинари“.  We’ve managed to communicate nationwide all the wonderful and crucially important causes we also stand for with the help and through all of these incredible and inspiring young people.

The result – an incredible and unforgettable palette of emotions on national air – for us, but also for more than 300 participants in front of and behind the curtains. The spectacle became super successful and it raised over 7600 new monthly donors.

We are thankful! And we are proud. Of all of you.

Client: UNICEF Bulgaria

Project: UNICEF “Големите Малки”

Our work: Outdoor and Video Production

Creative: Brigada&Co