WINBET is a big but most importantly brave client with whom we manage to quickly build trust. And so began our exciting journey together to turn to the consumer consciousness. We are proud that together we did things that no one has done in Bulgaria.

Even with the first commercial we produced in which Dimitar Rachkov was a better version of Bond, we clearly stated that when it comes to creative, we always aim high. Also, visible in the 4 commercials featuring Hristo Stoichkov and Slavcho Peev during Euro 2020.

And now we are completing the second phase of a project like no other – WINmyBET. We invited 16 of the most beloved celebrities of Bulgaria, which we faced in 8 epic battles against each other. More, we were the first to create our own betting content and change the attitudes towards the whole sector. Take a look at winmybet.bg and expect many more new things with Hristo Stoichkov, Dimitar Rachkov and Slavcho Peev.

When big ideas and big stars meet, the results don’t seem to come long after.

Client: Winbet


Our work

Има какво да се гледа! Започва WINmyBET – епичното първенство на Димитър Рачков и Христо Стоичков.

Рачков и Стоичков търсят кой е най-големият играч в епичното първенство WINmyBET